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Veterinary information

SKK vaccination regulations
The vaccination regulations adopted by Svenska Kennelklubben apply at dog shows and trials. To be eligible for participation the dog must have an up-to-date distemper vaccination.
Distemper vaccination
Participating dogs must have been vaccinated against distemper in accordance with the following:
• Dogs under the age of one (1) year: at the age of at least ten (10) weeks.
• Dogs over the age of one (1) year: the dog must be vaccinated at the age of at least ten (10) months, and not more than four (4) years ago.
Parvo vaccination
Svenska Kennelklubben recommends that all dogs are vaccinated against parvovirus. Parainfluenza
Svenska Kennelklubben also recommends that participating dogs are vaccinated against parainfluenza (kennel cough). Rabies vaccination For up-to-date information, please visit the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s (Jordbruksverket) website Please observe that titer test instead of vaccinations is not valid in Sweden.

Bringing dogs into Sweden
To bring a dog into Sweden follow the regulations of the European Union (EU). Detailed information about the regulations can be found on the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s website (Jordbruksverket), Non-Swedish participates are responsible for obtaining information on the rules and regulations for reimporting into the owner’s native country.

Border control on bringing a dog into Sweden
When bringing a dog into Sweden, customs should be notified when crossing the border. Detailed regulations can be found at the Swedish Customs website (Tullverket),

Is possible to a cost of 10€/dog. 3-5 dogs 25€. You need to bring your own tablets, these are not available at our vet.

Veterinary control
For dogs competing Thursday: Wednesday from 13:00
For dogs competing Friday: Thursday from 10:00
For dogs competing Saturday: Friday from 10:00
For dogs competing Sunday: Saturday from 10:00
Please note that you need to bring your dog’s license book to the first veterinary control.
Dogs under 2 years and over 6 years in each day must be at the veterinary control 30 minutes after the first run.

The dog must have a readable microchip or readable tattoo.

Non-competing dogs
For dogs not competing and need help from our vets a cost of 25€ (+ cost for medicine) will be payed of the owner in cash on site.
Puppies under the age of 4 months may not take part in shows, trials, competitions, or behavioral assessments and may not be brought into the venue.

Doping and other inappropriate measures
Participating of ill or injured dogs is not permitted. Furthermore the dog must not be affected in any forbidden way, i.e. been subjected to measures aimed at inappropriately altering their appearance, performance or reactions/character, or intended to conceal signs of injury or illness. It is the obligation of the person responsible for a dog to ascertain how a specific treatment or other measure may affect the eligibility of that dog to take part in a trial, competition or show. There will be doping tests. The person responsible for the dog is obliged to make that dog in question available for testing and for any further examination resulting from the test. For details of regulations regarding prohibited treatments and measures, and for information about waiting periods following medical treatment or other measures, please contact Svenska Kennelklubben on e-mail to: Doping tests will be executed according to the national doping regulations and FCI regulations § 1.9.

Neutered male dogs/bitches
Male dog that has been neutered by medical treatment or by chip treatment is not allowed to take part in trials, competitions and shows. Exemption to take part is not available. Bitches that has been neutered by continuously medical treatment is allowed to a general exemption to take part in trials, competitions and shows. (National regulations)